Just Wanna Try It Again!


I haven’t been writing a lot these past two months. I haven’t been sharing a lot as well. I didn’t have any idea to do so. Moving to this city is not easy from me, far from family; my big support system. I was sad most of the time. Angry, other times. Small things triggered my insecurities. Even I know, live here is one of my dreams and also being an English teacher is my big dream. So, I didn’t write a lot and I didn’t share a lot.

My heart was empty. Actually, when I wrote here, I was confused. I just sat down, stared at the computer, played the keyboard. Usually after hanging out with my friends, I got any idea so directly I wrote it on my laptop, publish it in my blog. But, I don’t know why for my situation right now, I didn’t get anything to share with you. To get the inspiration is so hard from me.

Should I take rest for a while from social media?

Should I give big motivation to myself?

Should I read many books to charge my mind and my energy?

Should I come closer to Allah? As my creator?  

In the reality, I find it burden to be a teacher. While I was writing here, I got the reason for that. Yep, because I put “teacher” as my big dream.

Thus, please! Just give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Never give up!