Going To The Beach

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Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. How are you today? I hope you are fine. Aamiin. So in this beautiful day I want to talk about my experience when I go to the beach. Let’s start it!

Two weeks ago, I went to the beach. Namely Pamayang Beach which is located in Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java, Indonesia. I went to there with my friends by using a car. Actually, going to there is for visiting one of our students who had been unwell. Because the student’s home is near with the beach thus after visiting her home we were going to the beach. 

Before arriving at the destination, we had to through the winding road, up-downhill road, wavy road 😭. And while on the trip truly I couldn’t take it anymore. I was dizzy, felt like throwing up, and at the time I wanted to stop the car and also I already wanted to give up. But that was just in my mind and my heart. I was not brave enough to speak as of course I would be demoted on the middle road 😅.So the thing I could do at that time is to was quiet and then tried to close my eyes to fall asleep. In my heart I told, 

“If you want to see the beautiful beach view, you must through this trip. If you give up, you will demote at this moment and you can’t enjoy the beautiful view.” After that I felt asleep and unexpectedly we arrived. Waw! I was happy! I was jubilant!

When I enjoyed the beautiful beach view, I contemplated about our trip in Dunia. I thought is the same with my case above. Our destination in the Hereafter is Jannah. Aamiin. And in this Dunia we are going through life's journey full of twists and turns. To get to the beach with a beautiful view, we are tested by having to through a winding road. How to get the Jannah?

Allah SWT said in the Al-Qur’an:

“Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried: “ When (will come) the help of Allah,” Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!” (Q.S Al-Baqarah : 214)

I slapped with this verse. How come? I often complain with the life test who is given by Allah rather than making du’a, asking Allah for help. I also often feel disappointed for the chaos in my life. Whereas I have Allah, I have Him who can handle my chaos. He never leaves me. He always be there for me as His promise. But I realized, sometimes I forget Him, sometimes I negligent worship to Allah, or sometimes I’m so hard to do good deeds as my laziness.


So do you still think that easy to get the Jannah even you haven’t gotten a test from Allah? Or do you still wonder why Allah gives us a test in this life?

“We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false.” (Q.S Al-Ankabut : 3)

I write this because I want to remind myself to never stop doing good deeds. Even I face any difficulties when I live it. Remember that our destination is Jannah. May Allah always guide us in His way and save us from the torment of the fire. Aamiin Ya Rabb.

with love,


Feel free to provide your comment or some corrections to me. It really helps me!😉 


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